10 Things I’ve learned About People This Year & How to Cope With Them

The 2018 Edition

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What I’ve learned/How to Cope

  1. People give littleness because they expect littleness. / Just because they give it, doesn’t mean you have to take it.
  2. Sometimes when people cannot find their own fire, they will try to diminish the fire in you.  / Don’t let them.  They can no more diminish your fire than they can diminish God.
  3. It is very wise to have mentors.  But some people (even those who claim to love you) will attempt to play that role in your life only as a means of throwing you off your course. / Listen to the voice within. Be discerning about with whom you share your ideas.  It’s great to have help, but at the end of the day no mind or heart is more worthy to guide you than your own.
  4. There are people who preoccupy themselves with problems and projects that are incapable of solution or execution. / Avoid these people.  They will draw you into their stagnant ways.
  5. We live in a world where many people lack moral values.  They will encourage you to choose things that might be fun for a moment but have no lasting value. / Be leery of these types of people and choose to surround yourself with people that make you level up.  Elevation should be a collaborative effort.
  6. Not everyone who sees your change will acknowledge or accept your change. / That’s fine. You don’t have to explain it to them. Be better anyway, and pray that they one day get to a point where they realize that when a person is healed, the past trauma fades away leaving behind the beauty and the blessings.
  7. People will try their best to tell you what YOU want. / Don’t let them!  You must answer that question, and you are answering it every second of every day.
  8. Some people are just not going to choose happiness.  They’re going to be angry, sad, and complaining every time you talk to them. / Love these people from a distance. Refuse to reinforce negativity as a way of coping.
  9. People often confuse “fluctuation” with “change.” / Learn to discern between people who are truly trying to change and people who are just…unsettled.
  10. Not everyone close to you is as invested in your well-being as they claim. /  Don’t impoverish your (Self) by continuing to allow them to be on “your team.” The overhead is too high for fakes and extras.

3 thoughts on “10 Things I’ve learned About People This Year & How to Cope With Them

  1. A couple of things I’ve learned about people over the years.
    1. People will invest in what is valuable to them. If you don’t value yourself, the potential for others to see value in you, will never be there. If you want people to invest in something you’re offering to them, you must help them see how it will benefit them. For example, “Why should this item be valuable enough to me to purchase from you.”
    2. Some people want to see you do better, but just not better than them. So how do you spot these people out. Easy, once you decide to make positive changes and improvements in your life and your life begins to elevate, watch how the people around you react to the change. Are the people around you genuinely applauding your elevation or trying to make excuses for you on why not to make the changes you’re attempting or have attempted to make? In other words, is there a crab in a bucket mentality surrounding you or are do you have people around you genuinely trying to push/pull you out of the bucket? #checkyourcircle

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