10 Things I’ve Learned About Compromise

  1. The wrapping does not make it a gift.
  2. A truce is not a compromise.
  3. Often times when people ask you to compromise what they really want is for you to take a little of what you desired for your life and give up the rest so they can obtain what they desired for theirs.
  4. Despite the common belief that a compromise means everyone involved gets a portion of what they want, compromise should actually be the choice that offers completion to everyone involved.
  5. If it assaults your peace, don’t compromise. (Notice I said your peace, not your happiness.)
  6. You cannot compromise with your enemies.
  7. A compromise is only as strong as your intent.
  8. Compromise does not mean subscribing to people’s disillusionment.
  9. A child of God is born with everything. To compromise with the world is to seek limitations.
  10. All your relationships (not just the romantical ones) should be with persons with whom you share unified purpose, and there is no compromise in these types of relationships because those who share unified purpose already share one mind.

–Sean Johnson