The Cy’On Collection





The Cy’On Collection is a curatorial organization created by Courtney Moore and Sean Johnson dedicated to tackling the tough subjects of life and showcasing art work that responds to them.   The idea of Cy’On came into being when co-founders Sean and Courtney were discussing how they have been personally affected by suicide, mental illness and depression in recent years.  This particular exhibition is a collective response from the points of view of one who suffers with depression and has considered suicide as well as the one who may not always have the words or “get it” when another is suffering.  This is the first of many more exhibitions to come!  Cy’On plans on gathering voices into an inclusive, supportive, and creative community of artists willing to confront taboo

topics through diverse mediums such as painting, photography, poetry, and more!

Art Therapy

Out of Darkness


Explore the human body, sip wine, listen to tunes, and unwind with The Cy’On Collection!